SABAAI DHEEL( Shizuoka Japan Food & Drink ) redcurry&side dish

I went to popularity Thai food lunch called SABAAI DHEEL.


There were many office worker inside of a shop.

This shop was always crowded. It is passed through the table seat.

This is lunch menu.

I ordered half and half plate.Price is ¥980.

I think … popular secret is various menu.

I waited 3 minute.

I had already eaten green curry, So I shoose red curry.

The first mouthful is sweet, then spicy builds.

It is worthy to be hot of Thai food. Delicious too.

Curry gose well with Thai lice,and many vegetable.So hearty curry.

It comes carried a side dish a little later.

Piping hot and crispy fried spring rolls of surimi of shrimp is good!

Fried fish balls are delicious too.

It was very delicious.

I wanted to eat more.

I think this shop is the best of shizuoka.

second floor matsunaga building 6-13 konnya town aoi ward shizuoka city


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