The First Shizuoka Hashigo SOBA 2016

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The First Shizuoka Hashigo SOBA 2016

第1回 静岡はしご蕎麦

Kawachian,yasudayahonten,Yabufuku,Mishimaya,Yamasou,Aoba,Osteria TiaLoca,

【Soba hopping map】


【Soba hopping rule】
Be ready for soba hoppingset(small soba,appetizer,Local sake of tea)
All stores common at 1000 yen.
There are also a prize for participation and complete award.
Let’s use the bus to move.

【Sunpuromanbus schedule 】

【Event QandA】
Q Where can we have go to soba map?
A. Participating shop,Chamber of commerce and industry,Shizuoka city,Shizutetsu just line.

Q Bus is charter?
A. No not that. We are recommend for sunpuromanbus.

Q Do you have a set location and set time?
A. There is none. Come and go whenever you want in time.


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